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Safeguard your work place against height related accidents and improve roof safety with the installation of customised guardrails from Fall Protect. Also known as roof safety rails, guardrails are just one of many roof safety systems we can design, customise and install, providing you with a complete solution.

Why Install Guardrails?

Installing guardrails ensures adequate safety when working at heights, preventing injury and loss of life due to falls. Because they provide protection that encloses all edges of a building or walkway, guardrails do not require the use of a safety harness, and workers and contractors do not need training. Additionally, our roof safety rails can be adapted for a range of building applications, from new buildings to extensions. They provide a sturdy and safe barrier, effectively preventing accidents involving unprotected roof edges. This ensures your workplace complies with Australian Safety Standards, State Regulations, and WorkSafe.

Our Team

Our specialist team of installers will ensure every job is completed to an exceptional standard. With years of training, education and solid experience behind us, the Fall Protect team possess the expertise to design and install customised solutions that are safe, reliable and effective. We can also design tailored guardrails that will complement the existing aesthetics of your building.

We provide a certificate of compliance after the completion of every job, showing that the installation process and the materials used meet all safety regulations.

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To ensure ultimate worker safety when working at heights, contact Fall Protect to arrange for an initial inspection and assessment. We'll work with you to design a customised guardrail for your building, addressing your individual concerns. Get in touch with us via our contact form, or give us a call on 03 9363 3806

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