FALL PROTECT - Your Partner In Roof Access & Height Safety Systems

Roof Access Ladders

At Fall Protect, we know how important it is for workers to feel safe scaling a ladder with tools. Our ladders are designed with this need in mind. With an installation angles from zero of 70 degrees, you can have full assurance that workers can get onto the roof easily. Australian Standards reference (AS1657-2013) The material used are strong, durable and maintenance free. We offer a modular system at Fall Protect that makes installation and use effortless. Were needed we can easily add on ladder cages or life lines to existing ladders.

  • Strong durable aluminium
  • Comfortable to the user (especially when carrying tools)
  • Modular system – for numerous types of applications
  • Installed vertical or at 70 degrees
  • Cost affective roof access
  • Easy add on components
  • Quick & easy to install
  • Maintenance-free
Ensure you meet your legislative obligations
Discover a manageable and cost-effective way to comply with
Worksafe, Australian Standards and State regulations
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