Plant Platforms & Plant Screens Melbourne
All products used meet the relevant Australian standards.

Proper installation of machines and units in a manufacturing plant is critical for simplified plant operations. They also make manufacturing plants look more organised and appealing.

Do you think that you need high-quality roof plant platforms to safely install the heating and cooling units on your plant roof? Are you searching for custom-built plant platforms to ensure safe access to your machines and equipment inside your factory?

Fall Protect offers a range of plant platforms that can be installed on various places on your roof to allow for accessible equipment and machinery

What Makes Our Plant Platforms Right For You?

The plant platforms are made from excellent quality aluminium which means they last forever and are maintenance free
We design, manufacture, and install the plant platforms based on your requirements. This means our plant platforms are fully customised to your requirements – any size, any shape.
These well-built, high-quality roof equipment platforms need zero maintenance and being modular are very easy to install
The plant platforms are specially designed to increase the durability of your roofs protecting against damages and roof leaks
Our non-slip walkways protect your roof sheets from damage due to heavy traffic and safeguard you from tripping and falling.
Our plant platforms are designed to give clear, easy access to all your equipment

We have roof work platforms that are light and heavy duty for different types of equipment to help residential, commercial, and industrial applications. All our roof platforms are easy to transport and install making them the obvious choice for the construction industry.

Choose Your Plant Platforms Today

Choose your plant platforms today and make your equipment and machines easily accessible to your workforce.

Have questions or need assistance? Call our professionals on (03) 9363 3806 or connect with us using our online enquiry form to let us know your requirements. Our team of access solution specialists will guide you to get the right platform based on your needs.