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Fall Protect specialise in providing roof access and height safety solutions to the Melbourne area, ensuring adequate fall prevention systems are present in your workplace.

We begin with an assessment of your work area, where we’ll determine the right solution for your specific needs. Following this, we design and install equipment that will keep workers and contractors safe while ensuring your business complies with Australian Safety Standards, Code of Practice, and Work Safe.

From providing roof access and height safety equipment to supplying safety training, Fall Protect are dedicated to fulfilling all your fall prevention needs.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on providing businesses with a comprehensive service from beginning to end. This includes an initial consultation and assessment, from which we will decide on the best solution and design and install a system that’s tailored to your specific needs. We also provide any training if required, ensuring your workers and contractors can safely useall equipment.

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The Fall Protect Team

As specialists in fall prevention, we can secure any roof area in Melbourne, improving the safety of workers and contractors, and preventing injury and loss of life.

Our capable installers are fully trained and educated, ensuring you can trust us to provide effective and high-quality solutions. We have solid industry experience, giving us the know-how to install systems that will improve all aspects of safety while complementing the appearance of your building.

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Safeguard your workplace today with our customised solutions for fall prevention. Simply fill out our contact form or give us a call on 03 9363 3806 to arrange for an initial assessment and quote.

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