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Australian standards and regulations require cooling towers to be regularly maintained, ensuring they’re kept in good working order. However, for safe maintenance to be carried out, it’s vital that every component of the cooling tower is easily accessible. Poor or insufficient access can drastically increase the likelihood of accident or injury, putting the health and safety of employees into jeopardy. Fortunately, the experienced team at Fall Protect are experts in cooling tower safety access systems. We can provide a wide range of solutions to ensure cooling towers can be safely accessed, including access ladders, guardrails, and cooling tower platforms and gantries.

Customised Solutions to Suit Your Needs

Fall Protect can design, customise and install a safety access system that allows you to fulfil your cooling tower maintenance and servicing requirements. We pride ourselves on implementing custom designed and built systems to meet specific needs. That’s why we thoroughly inspect all sites before designing a tailored solution. Our experienced team will then provide expert installation, ensuring the access system is fully certified and that all employees are trained in its correct use.

Fall Protect – Your Partners in Safety & Access

To learn more about our customised cooling tower safety access systems, get in touch with the professionals at Fall Protect today. We’ll provide you with answers to all your questions, as well as an obligation-free quote. Call us on 03 9363 3806, or send us an enquiry through our convenient online contact form.

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