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Confined spaces can often be perilous, posing a variety of risks to workers. In addition to the possibility of suffocation due to poor ventilation and air contamination, there can be an increased risk of crushing if unsecured materials are present. A confined area also makes access difficult if an injured worker requires rescue. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure confined space safety is implemented for all jobs involving confined areas, ensuring the health and safety of your employees.

Fall Protect – Confined Space Experts

Fall Protect’s team are specialist in maintaining safety in confined areas, offering a wide range of safety and access solutions and rescue systems to ensure workers are kept safe. Whether you’re working in a trench, tunnel, tank, duct, chimney, or underground sewer, the safety of you and your workers should always be a top priority. Employers also have a legal duty to ensure adequate safety is provided. Fortunately, Fall Protect can help you to comply with your legal obligations.

We have the experience and expertise to inspect, design, install, certify and train, ensuring you’re provided with a tailored solution that’s appropriate for your needs. We can also help you to implement an adequate confined space rescue system, ensuring a worker can be easily extracted from a confined space without putting the safety of other workers in jeopardy.

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