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About Us

Fall Protect Roof Access & Height Safety Systems is purely focused on preventing injury and loss of life when working at heights.

Awareness has grown nationally for the need for protection against falls when working at heights. With this in mind, along with the understanding that each client has specific needs, Fall Protect provides an beginning-to-end solution and ensures that each client's individual needs are met.

Our assessments are carried out in close consultation with the client so that every last detail is covered.

Fall Protect specialises in Roof Anchors, Walkways, Static lines, Ladders, Stairs, Platforms, Ladder Brackets, Handrails, Hatches, Pull-Down Ladders, Cages and Step Bridges and will design and install the right system for you that complies with the Code of Practice and the Australian Standards.

Speak to us about your needs or concerns. We will deliver a safe manageable and cost-effective way to ensure you comply with Worksafe, Australian Standards & State regulations in a way that suites your company.

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Ensure you meet your legislative obligations
Discover a manageable and cost-effective way to comply with
Worksafe, Australian Standards and State regulations
• Inspect • Design • Install • Certify • Train