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Providing Melbourne with Customised Roof Safety Systems Access Solutions

Fall Protect is an industry leader in customized Roof Safety Systems and Access Solutions. With years of extensive industry experience, our fall protection services include optimal inspections and thorough installations. We also ensure your workers and contractors master the systems prior to use. Whether for commercial or industrial buildings – our initial consultation enables us to customize a solution that effectively meets your needs across the board. As always, our services comply with all Australian standards and Code of Practices. Roof assessments and analysis are also covered in great detail with all new and existing clients. Australian standards reference (AS1891.1 – 2007)

Fall Protect offer roof access andheight safety systems that are focused on preventing injury and loss of life when working at heights.

Work safety is an essential element in any workplace, but becomes even more crucial when roofs are involved. Fall Protect will work with you to put in place customised roof safety solutions, ensuring all contractors and employees areworking safely at heights.

Fall Protect specializes in roof walkway systems for commercial and industrial properties. With years of experience, our Roof Safety Systems and Access Solutions comply with all Australian Code of Practices and Standards. With optimal installations and precise inspections, we guarantee the right system to cover all access and maintenance requirements. We also ensure your contractors and employees understand the roofing systems and components across the board. This is done via training at completion of the install. Our initial roof audit along with consultation with the client, assures that maximum safety is met for all possible applications. Australian standards reference (AS1657 – 2013) For more information on our roofing systems, contact us now.

Fall Protect is an industry leader in roof access and height safety services. With years of extensive industry experience, we service Greater Melbourne businesses and industries in roof access, in line with the national codes and Australian standards. From roof access ladders to platforms, we offer a comprehensive selection of services that meet or exceed all safety guidelines and regulations. Whether domestic, commercial, or industrial venues – you can rely on us to meet all your roof access needs within time and budget. Australian standards reference (AS1657 – 2013)

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Our Services

Fall Protect provide a full beginning-to-end service across Melbourne, including an initial inspection, design of a customised roof safety solution, installation, certification, and training to ensure your workers and contractors know how to safely use the system. Our initial consultation allows us to design and install a solution that’s tailored specifically for your needs while complying with the Code of Practice and the Australian Standards. Each assessmentis carried out in close consultation with the client, with every last detail covered.

Fall Protect specialise in the design, installation, and training for the use of:

Our Team

Our specialist team is fully trained and qualified in providing roof safety solutions, and have extensive experience in the industry. This enables them to complete every job to an exceptional standard.

We’ll supply you with a solution that’s tailored to your needs, resulting in a safe and reliable system that also takes into account the aesthetics of your building. We strive to ensure each client's individual needs are met, which is why we’ll listen to your concerns and take your input on board. We can then delivera safe, manageable and cost-effective roof safety solution that will keep your workers and contractors safe and ensure you comply with Australian Standards, Code of Practice and WorkSafe.

The Importance of Roof Safety

Awareness has grown nationally of the need for protection against falls when working at heights. Fall Protect recognises the importance of effective and reliable roof safety work, and understands that each client has specific needs. That’s why we specialise in providing customised solutions that allow for both safe access to roofs and fall prevention when working on roofs. We use only the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure all jobs are completed to the highest standard.

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Contact Fall Protect Now

Need to safeguard your Melbourne workplace against height safety related accidents? For a complete roof safety solution that’s tailored to your needs, contact Fall Protect today to arrange an initial inspection and consultation. Call us on 03 9363 3806, or alternatively get in touch with us through our contact form.

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